Thank you!

Thank you for joining us for the 2015 Serious Play Conference in Pittsburgh! Dates and location for the 2016 conference will be announced soon. Photos have been uploaded here.



whitepaper2014-2019 Global Edugame Market Whitepaper

Ambient Insight is an ethics-based market research firm that identifies revenue opportunities for learning technology suppliers.  They track the learning technology markets in 119 countries.  Worldwide revenues for Game-based Learning products and services reached $1.8 billion in 2014. The global five-year compound annual growth rate (CAGR) is 21.9% and revenues will more than double to $4.9 billion by 2019.


Welcome to Serious Play Conference

The leadership conference where people who design, manage and implement serious games network.
The Serious Play Conference provides a forum for visionary educators, chief learning officers and heads of training programs in health care, government and the military a chance to learn how to improve the effectiveness of their serious games programs. Attendees rub shoulders with and talk one-on-one to the experts, hear about the latest measurement and assessment strategies and see how game mechanics are moving across the various serious games sectors, revolutionizing how training and education is done. Serious Play is also a gathering where creators can have critical conversations about game design, sharing their knowledge with peers. The focus of the conference is on exploring the opportunities, challenges and potential of these 'serious' games.