Who Should Attend?

At Serious Play Conference, attendees hear the most successful design consultants, the leading developers and the top academic researchers and government consultants talk about what it takes to make effective games, sims and virtual worlds for education, corporate leadership development, non-profit organizations, health care and government/military training.

At SPC, attendees can rub shoulders with and talk one-on-one with the experts, hear about the latest measurement and assessment strategies and see how game mechanics are moving across the various serious games sectors, revolutionizing how training and education is done. The conference focuses on the opportunities, challenges and future of these “serious” games.

Join the Serious Games Association ($50), and get $75 off SPC’s main conference. Go to www.seriousgamesassociation.com. Then request a promotional code.

Corporate Learning Officers, Marketing Directors

Organizations, either companies or the vendors that support them, dedicated to developing a long-term, measurable, fast turn-around, and highly effective Serious Play competency. This includes developing competencies in customer focused experiences.

Government/Military Training Officers

Program heads responsible for training and development. This group can also include managers responsible for emergency/first-responder training.


Visionary educators working to improve student engagement aswell as higher education professionals teaching serious games development or using games in their curriculum.

Health Care and Insurance Company Executives

Training and development executives interested in learning how games can improve training for healthcare professionals, provide patient rehabilitation and educate consumers.

Instructional/Curriculum Designers, Sim and Virtual World Designers

Individuals, including freelance and employees, who are committed to providing the strategy, development, and implementation of simulations and serious games on behalf of larger enterprises.

Video Game Designers Interested in Learning about Serious Games.

Individuals who have an existing competency in creating and deploying core or casual games who want to shift to include creating and deploying serious play experiences on behalf of larger enterprises.


Investors wishing to understand the efficacy and future of serious games.

Questions? Contact info@seriousplayconference.com.